Ag Arena Games

Monday, August 6
    6:30 PM Celebrity Showmanship Contest
    7:15 PM Leon Kirkhoff Scholarship Baked Good Sale

Tuesday, August 7
    Preemie Show (in between Holstein & Colored Breeds Show) - Sponsored by Tompkins Vist Bank

Wednesday, August 8
    10:30 AM Stockman's Contest
    1:00 PM Dairyman's Contest
    6:00 PM Games - Corn Cobb Toss - Sponsored by Berks County Society of Farm Women, 
    6:15 PM Raw Egg Toss - Sponsored by Cory D. Peiffer, CPA
    6:30 PM Water Balloon Toss - Sponsored by Kapp Advertising Services
    6:45 PM Pie Eating - Sponsored by Bernard C. Morrissey Insurance
    Followed by: Free Giant Sundae with the Berks County Dairy Royalty - Sponsored by    
                                                                                                              Tompkins Vist Bank
    7:30 PM Dairy Judging Contest

Thursday, August 9
    7:30 PM Livestock Judging Contest

Friday, August 10
    6:00 PM Games - Animal Mardi Gras - Sponsored by Oley Valley Feed, Inc.
    8:00 PM Jr. Hay Bale Throwing - Sponsored by Berks County Grange
    8:30 PM Hay Bale Throwing - Sponsored by Berks County Grange

Saturday, August 11
    3:00 PM Pedal Power Tractor Pull - Sponsored by Leesport Farmer's Market
    6:15 PM Games - Corn Shelling Contest - Sponsored by Pioneer Hi-Bred
    6:30 PM Round Bale Roll Contest - Sponsored by Moyer's Sawmill