Track Events

Tractor and Truck Pulls
Presented by: New Penn Jersey Tractor Pullers

Check-in: 3pm; Registration closes 30 minutes before start.
Pulls Start: 6pm
*Actual running order posted at registration each night.*

Wednesday, August 10:
  • Farm Stock Tractors 7500 lbs 4MPH
  • Farm Stock Tractors 9500 lbs 4MPH
  • Hot Stock Tractors 5500 lbs
  • Hot Stock Tractors 6000 lbs
  • Street Legal Gas 6500 lbs 4x4 Trucks
  • Street Legal Diesel Trucks 8500 lbs 
Thursday, August 11:
  • ITTP 10,000 Pro Farm Tractors
  • ITTP 7,7000 Light Limited Tractors
  • ITTP 7800 Modified Tractors
  • Farm Stock Tractors 13500 lbs 6MPH
  • Farm Stock Tractors 15500 lbs 6MPH
  • Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks 6200 lbs
For more information and complete rules visit New Penn Jersey Tractor Pullers Website
Racing Schedule
Presented by: Reading Fair Racing Historical Society

***Sunday's Racing Event Only*** 

Gates open at 9:00 am, Sign-in begins at 10:00 am,

Driver's meeting at 12:00 pm.


All remaining events: 

Pit gates open at noon on each race day. Except Sunday's event, see above.

- Sign-in begins at 3:30 pm on race day

- Driver's Meeting 6:00 pm

Sunday, August 7: 

  • Xcel Chassis Sportsman Modifieds 
  • Go Karts: Rookie Purple Heavy, Rookie Champ Kart, Junior Restricted, Junior Champ, 35 and Over, Stock 360, Animal 360, Clone 360, Flathead Champ Kart, Animal Champ Kart
Go Kart Action, Courtesy SHRED Racing Photos


Monday, August 8: 

  • Senior Sling Shots
Sling Shot Action! Courtesy SHRED Racing Photos
Sling Shot Action, Courtesy SHRED Racing Photos

Tuesday, August 9: 

  • 270 Micro Sprints 
  • Junior Sling Shots 
  • Stage 1 Modifieds
Stage 1 Modified Action, Courtesy SHRED Racing Photos

Friday, August 12:

  •  125 Micro Sprints 
Kyle Hehnly & Dave Grube in 125 Action, Courtesy SHRED Racing Photos
  • 250 Sportsman Micro Sprints 
Richie Hartman & Mike Rutherford compete in 270 action, Courtesy SHRED Racing Photos
  • Stage 1 Modifieds
Stage 1 Modified Action, Courtesy SHRED Racing Photos


Saturday, August 13: 

  • District 6, AMA Motorcycle Racing