5 Door and Window Replacement in Berks County, PA

Door and Window Replacement in Berks County, PA

Choosing the right door and window replacement company can be overwhelming. There are so many companies on the market, offering so many models with so many pricing quotes that choosing one that might be right for you is extremely difficult.

While you can take advice of friends and family who have had their doors and windows replaced in the past, what you also need to do is to conduct your own research. Or You can get some advice from WCMA Window & Door to DIY Yourself. That’s where this article will help you out. Here’s how.

We have compiled a list of five best door and window replacement Berks County, PA companies. These are vendors that are trusted by homeowners. You can, therefore, count on them to do right by you and deliver what they commit.

Five Best Burks County Door and Window Replacement Companies

Here are the five best window and door replacement companies in Burks County, PA:

Obrebski Brothers Windows and Doors

Whether you’re looking to add traditional appeal to your home, want it to look modern or have something customized in your mind, Obrebski Brothers Windows and Doors Company has got you sorted.

It has been providing mobile services during the pandemic and offers customized solutions to your problems. You also get free consultations regarding the repairs that would renovate your home.

Jammer Doors

Jammer Doors Company sets itself apart from other window and door replacement companies by its one-century long experience and expertise in both residential and commercial applications.

To make its mark, Jammer Doors don’t require you to make an appointment to talk to their experts. You can simply walk into their office and get a free estimate.

SR General Contractor

SR General Contractor has been in the business for almost two decades. This company has a team of certified professionals who are available by appointment.

It provides free estimates and guarantees user satisfaction on the services that it offers. You might also find it pleasing to note that the business is locally owned and operated.

George J. Grove & Son, INC

Are you willing to hire south-central PA’s premier home remodelling contractor? One that has been replacing and repairing everything from doors and windows to gutters and roofing?

Apart from offering all of that, this window and door replacement company lure you in with its experience. As it’s been in the business for almost 70 years.

HomeStar Remodeling

HomeStar Remodeling offers Energy Star rated products, lifetime transferrable warranties on their installations and products that fit the budget of almost every customer.

Their crew leaders have been working in the industry for 22 years on average, and the company offers 24-hour emergency customer support. What more can you ask for!

Before you hire a door and window replacement company

Here’s what you need to do

Check out the company’s profile

Make sure the company’s profile contains these five qualities:

  1. Considerable experience

Know what’s common between different service companies we have listed above? Almost all of them are in the business of door and window repairing for a decade. That shows that these companies must have been doing something right if they have been around for this long.

  1. Brilliant reputation

Some companies might be around for decades but still have a shaky reputation. It is therefore crucial that you investigate the company’s profile by checking out their website and, if possible, meeting the customers the company has previously served.

  1. Excellent work quality

One of the best ways to make sure that its work will be above average is checking out the guarantee that the company offers. Those that have nothing to hide will give you a written assurance that their work would remain above-par for the foreseeable future.

  1. Clear complaint resolution procedures

It would be useful to check the company’s website for complaint filing and resolution procedures. That’s to make sure that in the rare scenario in which you aren’t impressed with something that the company has done, you can resolve the dispute through an established process.

  1. Endorsements and certifications

One of the best ways you can determine which company to choose is to check engineering certifications and third-party endorsements that it has received. This will ensure that not only the company’s products meet industry standards but its peers also trust it.

Browse its selection

Most door and window replacement companies offer five types of replacement windows:

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the least expensive options and is preferred by the majority of homeowners. That’s because despite its meager price tag, aluminum is rust- and corrosion-resistant.

On the flip side, aluminum doors and windows aren’t very stylish and add little aesthetic appeal to your home. They aren’t good at offering any level of insulation as well.

  • Composite

Composite door and windows tend to be more hard-wearing than their aluminum counterparts. They are available in various designs and can complement your interior décor well.

However, there’s an excellent reason why you might not see composite doors and windows in your neighborhood homes – they are expensive for the quality that they offer.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl door and window frames are extremely popular because of their many qualities. They are incredibly affordable, require little maintenance and are UV-resistant.

That isn’t to say that everything is hunky-dory about vinyl components. Their insulation is only slightly better than aluminum parts, which is why they aren’t very energy efficient.

  • Wood

Their superior style and traditional aesthetic makes wooden doors the choice of the majority. They look and feel beautiful and require only everyday dusting to withstand harsh elements.

Having said that, doors that are made of good-quality wood don’t come cheap. Their price tag might be enough to blow a hole in your pocket, especially if you’re looking to replace multiple doors.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass window frames tend to be ultra-durable and their insulating value is also top-notch. You can also count on them to resist cracking and fading for much longer than wood windows.

Similar to all the other materials mentioned above, they also have a shortcoming. Fiberglass frames do not come cheap and have little aesthetic appeal.


All the companies that we have listed above as the best option for the residents of Burks County, PA, meet the criteria that you have just read. You can, therefore, count on them to remain true to their word and provide excellent service.