Stage Entertainment

Billy Bauer Band

featuring songs by "Dave Matthews"

Monday, August 6th

7 PM

Flamin' Dick and the Hot Rods

Tuesday, August 7th

7 PM

Wednesday, August 7th

7 PM

Blending Classic Rock and Blues Standards

Pagoda City All Stars

Thursday, August 8th

7 PM

A '70s Experience

The Large Flowerheads

Friday, August 10th

7 PM

A '60s Groovy Experience

The Blues Brotherhood

Saturday, August 11th

7 PM

Remembering the Blues Brothers

Both the Beer Garden and the Stage Entertainment venues will again be near the main entrance of our Fair, making them more convenient to access, for those who visit the great Reading Fair. The Beer Garden and the Stage Entertainment will be housed under one single tent! We hope you visit us at the Reading Fair, and stop by our Entertainment/Beer Garden attraction.