PA Dutch Eating Contest

3rd Annual!

Sunday, August 5th at 5:30 PM

The Third Annual Eating Contest at the Reading Fair is being held Sunday, August 5th at 5:30 pm.

The contestants will be eating Berks County’s signature foods, provided by local companies, as fast as they can.

The items below will constitute what contestants must eat completely; and this year, they may be eaten in any order. (Quantities shown are approximate.)

Failure to completely consume an item will be reason for disqualification. Completeness of consumption is determined solely at the discretion of the Judges.

Vomiting during the course of the competition results in disqualification. If you heave, you leave.

· Hot dog with roll – 2

· Potato chips – 1 small bag

· Ring bologna – approx. 4 oz

· Red Beet eggs - 2

· Sauerkraut – approx. 4 oz

· Pretzel, soft – 1

· Scrapple (cooked/fried) – 1 slice

· Funnel cake – 1

· Lebanon Bologna – 4 slices

· Chow Chow – approx. 4 oz.

· Sticky bun - 1

Also, the following beverages are provided to each contestant - TWO of which must be consumed in their entirety during the contest. More can be consumed if the participant wishes:

· Milk - 12 oz

· Birch Beer - 12 oz

· Water - 12 oz

· Icy tea - 16 oz

The Fair will provide basic condiments for the use of contestants, should they wish to do so - salt, pepper, mustard, ketchup.

The winner is the first contestant finished or the contestant furthest along the above list at the end of 30 minutes as determined by the Judges. Any ruling by the Judges is final and binding on all contestants.

If you as an individual or someone from your business wishes to join in the competition, please respond to as soon as possible, if you have any interest.

The number of contestants is limited, and only the first 10 contestants responding by email, as determined by the time on the email response to the above address; and found to be eligible, will be accepted.

Contestants must be at least 18 years old and all contestants must sign a release form.

Good eating!!