How To Install A Window AC Unit In A Horizontal Sliding Window

When you want to put your window AC unit into a horizontal sliding window, you need to know how to do that securely. You need to make sure that the AC unit will fit where you want it to go, and you can measure it out and read the tips below to help you get it set up well. When you know how to install a window AC unit in a horizontal sliding window, it will be pretty easy to do that, and soon you will be able to use it to cool down your house.

Make Sure There Is An Outlet By The Window

Before you decide to put the window AC unit in a specific window, make sure that there is an outlet nearby that will fit the plug for the unit. You need to have the power source hooked directly to it so that it will have enough power to cool down your home. Make some measurements to make sure that the cord is long enough to reach the outlet, and then work on installing the unit.

See That The Window Is Strong Enough

Another thing to do quickly before you start installing the window AC unit is to make sure that the window is strong enough to hold it up. You might need to replace the sliding window before you do this if it is a bit older and the wood has become a bit weak. Check it out and see how well it will hold up to the heavy unit and decide whether or not it needs to be replaced.

Get Help Lifting The Unit

When you are finally ready to start installing the window AC unit, you might need some help lifting it up to the place it needs to sit. You also might need help holding it up while you work on getting it fitted and secured. You can ask a buddy to help you, or you can get help from professionals who will work quickly on the installation.

Use The Right Tools And Materials

You might need some weatherstripping to help get the AC unit securely in the window, or you might need to frame out the window a bit. You can add what you need to around it to keep it secure and keep air from leaking in, and you can do that on your own or with a bit of help. You can get advice about how others have done this, or you can make the measurements on your own and figure out what needs to be done to cover up any space that is left where the AC unit does not cover. You also need the right tools to use to secure the AC unit in place, and you need to check and see that you have all that you need before you start this process.

It is pretty easy to get the window AC unit set up when you know that the window is sturdy enough for it, that there is an outlet nearby that will work for it, and that it is the right size for the window. You might need to frame it out or add something to the window to make it the right size, but it won’t take too much work even to do that. Once you get the window AC unit installed, you can easily cool off the room and your home.

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